My passion for cleaning was born from the frustration of constantly being disappointed and let down by quality and consistency.


As a retail manager the cleaning companies I worked with seldom turned up as agreed, and in the main jobs were done with haste in mind, not the desire to do a great job.


As a landlord I have found that on occasions a cleaner or cleaning firm does a good job but it is never quite a job where I am ‘blown-away’ by the service.


When the opportunity to start my own cleaning business arose, I grasped the opportunity with both hands.


I have always been passionate about offering my customers great service, plus no matter what I am doing I am driven to make sure that I uphold the highest standards and pay a particular attention to the smaller details.  Me and cleaning fit like a hand in a glove (a rubber one that is).


The team I have built are as passionate about the job they do as I am.


They share my dedication and devotion to the job and know that looking after the customer is not the most important thing; it is in fact the only thing that really counts.


The job we do and the cheery nature we bring to our work, has meant that Lemon Squeezy has grown rapidly on the back of great customer referrals. 


I love to discuss my customer’s requirements and the solutions I can offer so why don’t you call me and see if I can help make your life more 'easy, peasy' – Haydar Kipriksiz (Owner)

About us - your cleaning, our passion

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