Renting a property can be tough at times. As a Landlord myself I quickly learnt that the presentation of my property made a massive difference to how quick it rented and the quality of tenants it could attract.


It made life easier at the end of tenancies when dealing with deposit negotiations if cleaning costs were reasonable and a job was done to a high standard.


When I decided to start up my own cleaning firm, I wanted to be able to provide a service for my fellow Landlords and Lettings Agents to help make their lives more ‘easy peasy’.


I am able to offer my lettings customers a great tailored cleaning service, whether it is one off cleaning jobs, end of tenancy cleans or regular cleaning on blocks of flats. I ensure that any property you have is clean and sparkling when you need it.


If Lemon Squeezy are cleaning your properties you can expect:

  • Personal and friendly service

  • Great standards and attention to detail

  • Quick turnaround on Jobs

  • Reliability and efficiency in all elements

  • Great communication

  • Simple admin & invoicing


Or we can tailor the service to suit you!


Put My Team & I to the test - Call me and see how I can help make your life more 'easy peasy'  - Haydar


Moving home can be stressful, especially when you find yourself needing to scrub every inch of your home to ensure a smooth handover back to your letting agency. Checkout processes are thorough and leave no stone unturned, most people can clean to some extent but it takes expertise to clean a property to a professional standard. Why not kick back and relax knowing that this process is taken care of by Lemon Squeezy? We handle the entire cleaning process including all appliances, carpets and general cleanliness leaving you free to concentrate on moving home. We offer a flexible service where we will work around you to get the job done, including follow up communication to ensure the checkout inspection is satisfactory. Moving home doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be ‘easy peasy’!

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